'Lips' Mic Won't Support Other Games At Launch

We've come to start expecting cross-game compatibility with our music game peripherals. They may not gel perfectly, but they work.

If you've been looking forward to Microsoft's karaoke game, "Lips," be aware, however -- it won't work in your other music games.

During a hotel demo of "Lips," creator Keiichi Yano of Inis told MTV Multiplayer his wireless, accelerometer-enhanced microphone will only work with "Lips" at launch.

That's the catch -- at launch. It could come later. Yano's open to the idea, but because the "Lips" device is not just a USB mic, it's not as simple as plugging the mic in. Both the "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero" mics are wired.

"That's a great idea!" he laughed. "I hope so. It's not something we can do, obviously [the games would require a patch]. I mean, I hope so for 'Rock Band,' 'Guitar Hero.' It won't work out of the box but it's relatively easy to kind of get it going."

Sounds like the onus rests on the shoulders of Harmonix and Neversoft, but unless "Lips" is a success, will there be a reason for them to support it?