'Soul Calibur IV's Downloadable 'Star Wars' Characters Aren't Just Hidden On The Disc

One of the worries involved with downloadable content is that developers simply hide the content on the disc and charge you for an unlock code.

Namco Bandai has been a prime offender. All of the "Beautiful Katamari" downloadable content on Xbox Live, for example, is 364 KB each. When you buy it, it just "unlocks" on the disc.

I wondered if the publisher would take the same approach with the Darth Vader and Yoda downloadable characters for "Soul Calibur IV." They never outlined a good reason why the characters were restricted to a single platform -- Yoda on Xbox 360, Darth Vader on PlayStation 3 -- it seemed marketing-driven.

The characters were added to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network this morning. I checked, and it looks like the download size for Darth Vader is almost 8 MB on XBL. That suggests it wasn't on the disc. I can't check the file size for Yoda on PSN, but one would assume it's in the same ballpark.

That doesn't explain why the characters needed to be split up in the first place, but at least you're not paying $4.99 for little more than a glorified cheat code.

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