'Diablo III' Designer Discusses Possible Return Of Cow Level

One of "Diablo" fans' favorite things about the franchise is the secret cow level from "Diablo II."

If players gathered the right combination of items, they could open a portal to a level filled entirely with weapon-wielding, bipedal bovines, with a chance to get special loot.

So I asked lead "Diablo III" designer Jay Wilson the obvious question: Will there be a cow level?

This is what he said…

Wilson: [laughs] We don't really know at this point. I really like the idea of secret stuff that 'Diablo II' put forward, but it's not the kind of thing we would decide this early. But if we have something, I can assure people will be happy with it.

I will say the thing I liked about the cow level was that it wasn't just fluff; there was stuff that you could do there that actually had purpose within the game. The thing I didn't like about it was that it almost replaced part of the game. And so, if we looked to add something like that, we'd be a little smarter about it. We would want it to have a function within the game, but we wouldn't want it to replace any core content, which is something that I think the cow level really did.

'Diablo II' had a lot of little oddities to it that made the experience not as usable. I certainly wouldn't want things like, 'Don't kill the cow king because we've got to keep the level open!' We would avoid scenarios like that. The secret of a cow level is a cool secret. The secret that you're not supposed to kill the king because you'll ruin the cow level forever -- that's a bad secret. So we would try to get rid of some of the bad ones.


"Diablo" fans, do you want to see a new and improved cow level?

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