Totilo Game Diary - March 17, 2008

Starting this week and lasting who-knows-how-long, I'll post my daily progress in all of the video games I'm playing. Mock my taste! Marvel at my progress! Experience my triumphs and failures vicariously!

Over the weekend, I….

• Completed the final nine (of 20) levels of "Devil May Cry 4" on Human difficulty. This was my first "DMC" game. I failed to make the top 10,000 global ranking list on any of the game's levels. Very sad. Biggest positive takeaway: the ludicrously diverse arsenal of moves controlled superbly. Biggest negative: how come no one warned me that "DMC" games have such basic and vacant level design?

• Played chapters 4-14 of "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune," on what is my third try to push through the game. I'm enjoying it enough to finish it this time. But I have trouble accepting that the charming Nathan Drake who I see in cut-scenes flirting with TV producer Elena is the same Nathan Drake who, in the gameplay parts of this game, I send on murderous head-shot, jeep-blasting killing sprees. Wry leading man? Or sociopath killer? He's both. And she doesn't mind! It sometimes seems that certain kinds of gameplay sometimes gets in the way of certain types of character development? Oh, and I'm playing this game on standard def, which might be the reason the colors look a bit - blue? Wonder if anyone else had that issue? All my other games look great.

• Played 35 puzzles of "Professor Layton And The Curious Village." This game is hard to quit. I just wish I knew where in the world Puzzle #8 was. It's bugging me that #8 is not in my Puzzle Index, between #7 and #9. I got to that chickens and wolves puzzle. Solved it on my second attempt, thank you very much. Toughest puzzle for me so far: the one requiring me to give the length of a diagonal drawn into a rectangle drawn into a circle. I'm mad at myself for that.

I think I'll play some more "Layton" tomorrow. Not expecting much else.