Grand Theft Scratchy


In a very nice surprise, Electronic Arts finally showed off the Simpsons video game.

The game is rendered in a cel-shaded style and supposes the Simpsons learn they've been made into video game characters. This, according to the developers, allows the game to parody everything about the game industry: The fans, established franchises such as Grand Theft Auto and Medal of Honor, and even members of the honored game-related fourth estate.

Each character will have his or her own special ability in the game. Lisa, for example, can employ the hand of Buddha to manipulate objects in the game world, picking up huge logs and dropping them on bad guys or manipulating objects to create new pathways.

Sadly, after showing the game off at a gamer's day in San Francisco, Electronic Arts neglected to give attendees of the event screen shots for the game. Worst. Decision. Ever!

You can see a picture of the game here.