Microsoft Loves to Love Love

Your friendly neighborhood matchmakers at Microsoft are really pushing for you to have a great Valentine's Day. No, really.

To this end, its public relations flacks have already sent out an e-mail pushing?go figure?Xbox 360 and Xbox Live-enabled titles as a surefire means of romance. "Who says there?s no romance in videogames?" the e-mail reads.

And that's not all. "Ah, Valentine's Day," the note continues. "Thoughts of candy-hearts, chocolates, flowers, greeting cards, and Xbox 360 come to mind. If you?re wondering what a gaming console has to do with this holiday, have an open heart and know that even video games can spark passion on and off the screen.

"For fun Valentine?s Day fodder from the gaming world, Cupid can?t match what?s happening on Xbox 360 and Xbox Live."

Head past the jump to see which titles Microsoft considers romantic.


Fun Fact: Microsoft mentions Lost Planet, Fuzion Frenzy 2, and Viva Pi???? as titles men and women will enjoy playing together.