15 Lessons Learned From 'Miss Congeniality': An Appreciation In GIFs

This weekend Sandra Bullock returns to the realm of crime-fighting comedy with "The Heat," her new film with Melissa McCarthy, but seeing the Oscar winner with a gun and a badge has us reminiscing about the movie that started it all, the gem that is "Miss Congeniality."

In the 13 years since the story of an uncover FBI agent in a beauty pageant opened in theaters, we've learned so much during our many rewatchings at sleep overs, and to commemorate our love, we've illustrated those lessons in GIFs.

Donut storage

Walking in traffic

Talking about feelings

Handling victory with grace

Makeup application

Handling frustration

Self defense

The Walk

Poise in embarrassing situations


Falling with grace

Dance moves

Firearm storage

Acting surprised

Dealing with loss

"The Heat" is in theaters now.