We Don't Talk About The 'Catwoman' Basketball Scene Enough


Halle Berry's "Catwoman" has been the butt of jokes since it premiered in 2004, but how many people out there have actually seen it? Not many apparently, because it took one Redditor to point out that the movie contains the single worst basketball scene in the history of film.

If "Catwoman" had been seen by the throngs that openly mock it, this scene would be better known and add a ton of fuel to the fire of fanboy hatred. Still, even nine years on, the sequence which features Berry and Benjamin Bratt doing something that could never be mistake as a "game" or "fun," plays like anything but a game of one-on-one basketball. It looks more like you showed two people a 15-second clip of a middle school game, and told them to do something vaguely similar and make it all look like a bad '90s music video.

You can watch the abomination for yourself after the jump!