Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' Set For November 2014 IMAX Release

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan's new film, "Interstellar," has grabbed Hollywood's attention. It's been announced that the new movie will be a Paramount and Warner Bros. co-production, and that both studios will distribute it.

Even more exciting is that the movie finally has a release date. Deadline is reporting that "Interstellar" is due out in theaters and IMAX on November 7, 2014.

"As a filmmaker and storyteller, Chris has continuously entertained the world with his extraordinary and unparalleled talents," Paramount Pictures Chairman and CEO Brad Grey said in a press release. "I am pleased beyond measure to welcome him to the Paramount Pictures family. Partnering with Chris, Emma, Lynda and Warner Bros. to release this original idea next November is the perfect way to start the Thanksgiving and holiday movie season for audiences around the world."

Warner Bros. President Jeff Robinov added, "Christopher Nolan is truly one of the great auteurs working in film today, and we’re extremely proud of our successful and ongoing collaboration with him and Emma Thomas. We are excited to be teaming with Paramount, and look forward to working with the Nolans, and producer Lynda Obst, on this extraordinary new project."

"Interstellar's" plot reportedly involves time travel, wormholes, alternate dimensions, and some dude named Kip Thorne.

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