Leather Face Goes For A Ride In Horror Bites!

Our recent Movie Trailers of 2013 roundup should be seared into your brain by now, but in case you need a gory reminder, we have a few new images from one of the movies mentioned: "Texas Chainsaw 3D." Entertainment Weekly featured some photos of the chainsaw-wielding baddie from the horror series, Leatherface.

It looks like he's stalking his prey at a local carnival. The film takes place decades after the original 1974 storyline introduced us to the famed killer and his demented family. When a young woman learns she's inherited a Texas estate, she hits the road with friends to collect her namesake. Her family reunion takes a turn for the bloody. See what happens when Bill Moseley, Alexandra Daddario, Gunnar Hansen, Trey Songz, Marilyn Burns, and the rest of the cast return to Texas on January 4.

David S. Goyer is Not Directing a Live-Action 'Hellsing' Movie

Fans of the "Hellsing" manga series were treated to a belated Christmas present when news circulated that "Man of Steel" writer David S. Goyer would be directing a live-action adaptation of the Japanese tale, revolving around a secret English organization that battles supernatural foes. The rumor was fun while it lasted, but io9 has confirmed that the story was just that: a rumor. Goyer will not be directing the film, and he took to his website to post his official denial: "I've never read the anime, nor have I ever been contacted by any of the people involved in the film. Not sure what would motivate these people to post a complete fabrication, but there you go." If you'd still like to keep tabs on the project, which is reportedly being produced by Solar Eclipse Films, check out the project website.

'The Last Exorcism Part II' Poster is Twisted

Dread Central has the new one-sheet for Ed Gass-Donnelly's sequel to "The Last Exorcism," which starred Ashley Bell as a young farm girl possessed by an inhuman darkness. Bell returns for part two, which finds her character Nell Sweetzer suffering from a bout of amnesia. She can't remember the events that left her the last surviving member of her family, but something evil won't let her start anew. The last exorcism she endured was really just the beginning, and we'll find out what happens next for Nell on March 1 when the film hits theaters. The first film's poster featured Bell in an impossible, painful pose, and part two is equally twisted. Pleasant nightmares!

Neve Campbell Talks 'Scream 5'

"'We'll see. I'm not sure they're going to make it, to be honest. If that were to come up again and they were to approach me, I'd have a chat with them about it," "Scream" franchise star Neve Campbell told website Collider about the possibility of a new chapter in the self-referential horror series. We're not sure they're going to make it either, but since "Scream 4" revived the slasher smash after an 11-year break, we figure anything is possible. Director Wes Craven has long been teasing another installment, saying: "Odds are that there will be a 'Scream 5.'" The last film grossed $97 million at the box office worldwide, so with those facts in mind, only time will tell. Do you want to see more Sidney?

'The Host 2' is Readying for a Release

Korean monster favorite "The Host" is getting a sequel, and Twitch Film had the details. Im Pil-sung ("Hansel & Gretel," "Doomsday Book") recently wrapped writing the script for first-time filmmaker Park Myung-chun. Word is that "The Host 2" will feature two different monsters, and filmmakers are eyeing a summer 2014 release date. There are no details on the plot at this time, but the mayhem from part one happened in Seoul's Han River and the sewers of South Korea. A follow-up to the creature feature was bound to happen. Are you on board?