Casey Affleck Lines Up Boston Strangler Film In Horror Bites!

Casey Affleck

Thirteen women were sexually assaulted and brutally murdered in Massachusetts during the 1960s at the hands of the Boston Strangler, Albert DeSalvo. Now, Warner Bros. is readying a new film based on the serial killer.

The screenplay was picked up from Casey Affleck and fellow Bostonite writer Chuck Maclean. We were hoping that Affleck would be down to play DeSalvo since he was so bloody terrifying in 2010's "The Killer Inside Me," but it looks like he's eyeing up the part of a detective who helped solve the crime. His job won't be easy since the real-life case involved an unusual theory. As Deadline—who reported the news—puts it, "There is still belief that more than one killer was involved, and that DeSalvo was a pawn in a bigger conspiracy. The movie follows an ambitious detective who is willing to risk career and life in a race to bring down the most notorious sexual predator of the day, while battling a political cover-up by corrupt politicians and lawyers trying to save their careers."

We definitely perked up when the website indicated that "Boston Strangler" will have a similar tone to "Se7en" and "Zodiac." It's been a little while since we've had a great serial killer film. Are you ready to head to Boston?

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