Santa Slays in New 'Silent Night' Trailer

Silent Night

During the 1980s, one movie managed to piss off film critics, the Parent-Teacher Association, and frighten children everywhere. "Silent Night, Deadly Night" portrayed Santa Claus as an unhinged young man named Billy who was tormented by the death of his parents and an abusive nun at the orphanage he called home. The 1984 slasher spawned an entire series of killer Santa films, and now "Scream of the Banshee" director Steven C. Miller is remaking the movie, expected to hit theaters on November 30. Genre vet Malcolm McDowell, Jaime King, Jamie Kennedy, and Ellen Wong are a few of the poor souls who will face Santa's wrath.

Dread Central has the trailer for the cheery holiday flick. We think we prefer the old Santa's signature weapon, an ax, rather than the blowtorch featured here. It almost makes Santa look a little steampunk, especially with those creepy eye-goggles. What do you think?

New Trailer for 'Maniac' Will Make You Lose Your Head

We've been anxious to get another look at Elijah Wood as a crazed lunatic in the Alexandre Aja-written ("Haute Tension," "Piranha 3D") remake of slasher favorite, "Maniac." The "Lord of the Rings" actor trades his Hobbit feet for a wicked knife in a new international trailer that doesn't skimp on the gore. Wood plays a disturbed man who lives with his mother and owns a bizarre collection of mannequins. When he's snapping photos and stalking women, he's scalping them and obsessing over his relationship with a young artist named Anna. Hold onto your hair for this supremely bloody trailer. There's no U.S. theater date for "Maniac" yet, but the film debuts in France on December 26. Does Wood do a fine job of freaking you out?

Daniel Radcliffe Grows 'Horns' and Battles the Cops

"Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe is continuing down a darker career path, shedding his child star image. He recently starred in the ghostly "Woman in Black," but he's been hard at work on an adaptation of Joe Hill's novel "Horns." The film is being directed by Alexandre Aja ('Haute Tension," "Piranha 3D") and will co-star Max Minghella, Juno Temple, James Remar, Joe Anderson, and Kelli Garner. Radcliffe plays a suspected rapist and murderer. After his girlfriend winds up dead, he wakes up one morning and discovers he's grown a set of horns. They hold a unique power. The horns help him tap into people's innermost secrets, helping him uncover the true story behind the bloodbath. Some photos of Radcliffe in action (with horns and fighting the police) recently popped up on Bloody Disgusting. Is the transformation devilish enough for you?