Kristen Stewart Doesn't Know What's Next, But That's OK

With "The Twilight Saga" wrapped and "Cali" out of the picture, Hollywood is Kristen Stewart's metaphoric oyster.

The actress has been attached to a couple of projects recently like the potential "Snow White and the Huntsman" sequel and Scott Cooper's take on "Lie Down in the Darkness," but neither project is officially confirmed. MTV News recently caught up with Stewart at the Toronto International Film Festival where she said she's enjoying not knowing what she'll be up to over the next few years.

"It's been a little while since I haven't had stuff mapped out, so it's nice," she said. "I'm in a good place to choose."

When asked whether there's any project that has caught her attention going forward, Stewart admitted that she's not sure what she'll do next. Even "Lie Down in Darkness" is a big question mark (which is good news for Jennifer Lawrence, who has wanted the role for years).

"I don't know yet," Stewart said of her next movie. "I know it's weird to skirt subjects. I think it's been said on the Internet that I'm doing 'Lie Down in Darkness'; it's not happening yet. I don't know when they're [going to officially green-light the film]. I love that thing, I would do anything to get that to go, but it's just not yet. Hopefully it does, but other than that, nothing."

Now Stewart gets to ride the end of 2012 in style. "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" will hit theaters on November 16, while "On the Road" will get released on December 21.

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