'Thanks For Sharing' Introduces World To 'Pink, Legitimate Actor'


Pink's skill set is extensive and varied: writer, singer, aerialist, mom, make-up pitch person. With her role in the film "Thanks For Sharing," which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, she can now legitimately add "serious actress" to the list.

"Thanks For Sharing," a dramedy about sex addiction, has a cast that includes established, respected actors like Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins and Gwyneth Paltrow. But Pink definitely holds her own. She plays Dede, a beauty salon employee and recovering addict who strikes up a friendship with Josh Gad's Neil, an emergency room doctor whom she meets in a 12-step program.

Dede and Neil's relationship, like the others in the film, nicely illustrates the idea that the road to recovery can't be taken alone. He's a compulsive eater who lives in a pigsty of an apartment and makes inappropriate physical contact with female passengers on the subway; she's a former drug-user who can only relate to males through sex. The unlikely partners help get each other's lives in order, literally and figuratively. They are the most compelling characters in "Thanks For Sharing," and they have some of the most humorous and sweetest moments in the film.

First-time director Stuart Blumberg (who scripted "The Kids Are All Right" and "Keeping The Faith") told the audience after a TIFF screening that there was only one person he had in mind when writing "Thanks For Sharing"— not Ruffalo or Paltrow— Pink. With the character of Dede, she gets to be funny, sad, vulnerable and strong, and she does it well. The role should set up a nice future in film for Pink, if she chooses to pursue it.

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