Jimmy Fallon Not Hosting The Oscars, So Who Should?


Well that was a short-lived dream. Only days after it was first announced that Jimmy Fallon had been approached to host the Academy Awards next year, he has come out and said that it's not going to happen.

"No, I’m not going to do the Oscars," he told Matt Lauer on "Today." "It’s an honor to be asked by the Academy, but it’s not my year."

Blunt and to the point, just how we like our Jimmy Fallon. But that raises the bigger question: whose year is it? There's still a chance that Lorne Michaels would be willing to produce the show, which narrows down our possibilities. Here are the suggestions we came up with for host of the 85th annual Academy Awards.

Tina Fey

Can't have Fallon but still looking for someone Michaels has a good relationship with? Well, why not Tina Fey? Sure, she's still a competitor of ABC ("30 Rock," produced by Michaels, airs on NBC), but boy is she a woman everyone loves to love. The Oscars could use a female host next year, and Fey certainly has the personality and fame to take the gig. Plus, she's freaking hilarious.

Seth Meyers

If Michaels is really itching to bring a "Saturday Night Live" alum to the Oscars stage and Tina Fey doesn't fit the bill, it should be Seth Meyers. The man has proven himself as a great host, be it on "SNL's" Weekend Update or as a contender to host opposite Kelly Ripa on "Live with Kelly." We'd take Fey over Meyers any day of the week (sorry Seth), but he would easily be our second choice of the "SNL" alums.

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm has been everywhere recently, and that's how we like him. Between blowing us away on "Mad Men," making surprise appearances on "The Daily Show" and even appearing in an episode of "Metalocalypse," the actor has shown that he can not only be esteemed but hilarious. Well, what better mix does one need to be deemed an Oscar host? Plus, Hamm looks damn fine in a suit and is an "SNL" regular.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone is charming. Incredibly, overpoweringly charming. In fact, we'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn't been won over by the actress's impressive blend of comedy and intelligence that makes the 23-year-old one of the top actresses in Hollywood right now. If the Academy is trying to rope in a younger audience with a popular yet established actress, they shouldn't have gone for Anne Hathaway: they should have gone for Stone. If anyone who is below the age of 30 will be able to keep us engaged for a full three hours, it's her.

Jimmy Kimmel

While we understand that Jimmy Kimmel can't technically host the Oscars because he has a contract with the Emmys, boy would we love him to. In fact, he's our number one pick for hosting the Oscars. Granted, then we wouldn't be able to see his awesome post-Oscar special, but it would still be worth the trade off. Maybe one day, Jimmy. Maybe one day.

Who do you hope hosts the Academy Awards next year? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!