'Hunger Games': Why Peeta Mellark Is A Badass

Happy Hunger Games! In just a few short days, "The Hunger Games" will at long last hit the big screen. And, though Lionsgate has held off on showing some of the more action-packed sequences from the film, it should be universally known that this is going to be one of the most badass movies of the year.

When it's a story about 24 kids between the ages of 12 and 18 fighting to the death, how could it not be badass? We already detailed earlier why Katniss is a kickass leading lady, but her fellow District 12 tribute Peeta gives her a run for her money in the coolness category.

So in anticipation of Friday's release of "The Hunger Games," here's the five biggest reasons why Peeta Mellark is a badass.

His physical strength

It might seem like a simple skill to have in a reality competition that pits teens against one another in a fight to be the last man standing, but Peeta's physical strength is his greatest asset heading into the Hunger Games. The guy can toss a hundred-pound bag of flour, and his ability earns the respect of his main competitors, the Career tributes.

His guile

And it's because he earned that respect that he can trick them into thinking he wants to be a member of their team. The Careers' main target is Katniss, so Peeta infiltrates their ranks and convinces them that he is out for his fellow District 12 tribute as well. Of course, he's actually trying to protect her life, so that makes him a sweetheart and a badass at the same time.

His conviction

Peeta knows his own worth. As he tells Katniss before the Games begin, he believes that he will die during the competition, but he wants to do so in a way that shows the Capitol that they don't own him. In the words of Peeta's fellow badass William Wallace, "They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!"

His self-sacrifice

Though Katniss doesn't realize it at the time, Peeta's entire strategy during the Hunger Games is to ensure her survival. Every action he does is to make sure that she is safe and has the best possible chance at making it through the competition. It's self-sacrifice, but for the best cause.

His perfect delivery

There's something to be said for a man who knows how to make a statement. Katniss and the viewer spends a good portion of "The Hunger Games" wondering what Peeta's angle is. And he certainly does have one. Watch the below clip to see what we mean when we say that Peeta knows a thing or two about dramatic delivery.

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