'Dark Knight Rises' Set Suffers A Catwoman Crash

Catwoman's suit in "The Dark Knight Rises" might not look like much on the surface, but apparently it has a violent streak.

The images of Anne Hathaway that hit the web last week showed her riding an all-terrain bike down a set of stairs, and according to reports things went a bit awry during the stunt. When Hathaway's stunt double was performing that scene, the bike ended up running into one of the production's IMAX cameras. Apparently neither the camera nor the cameraman were injured in the crash, but we're hoping that wasn't the extra 90 percent Hathaway was talking about in her recent MTV interview:

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"Elysium" Set Photos Hit The Web

Little is known about Neil Blomkamp's latest, "Elysium," and the set photos that hit the web raise more questions than answers. Why is Matt Damon wearing that contraption? Why is he injured? Why is he bald? And what is the deal with that mansion? In this case, we're happy to keep the questions unanswered for the time being.

Milla Jovovich And Paul W.S. Anderson Return For Newest "Resident Evil"

It should come as no surprise that, after a decade on screen, Milla Jovovich is reteaming with her husband and "Resident Evil" director Paul W.S. Anderson for the latest installment of the series. Bloody Disgusting has learned that the duo will be working together on "Resident Evil: Retribution," the fifth film in the series. It is set to start shooting in October and should hit theaters September 14, 2012.

Jesse Eisenberg Could Star In "The Terrorist Search Engine"

Deadline has learned that "The Messenger" director and screenwriter Oren Moverman is looking to adapt "The Terrorist Search Engine" for Sony. The flick is based off the New York Magazine profile of counterterrorism expert Evan Kohlmann. Apparently he is looking at Jesse Eisenberg to star in the movie.

Ben Stiller's Fake Trailers Becoming A Real Thing

Like the fake trailers at the beginning of "Tropic Thunder"? Well then Ben Stiller's got the project for you. Deadline has learned that his production company Red Hour Digital has created "The Fake Trailer Project," which will produce fake trailers similar to the ones that came before his 2008 flick "Tropic Thunder." The goal is to create a series of 12 short trailer parodies featuring top actors and filmmakers. If they can come up with something as good as "Satan's Alley," then we'll be pleased.

"Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close" Image Hits The Web

HitFix has a new image from "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," which shows Thomas Horn and Tom Hanks having an adorable father/son moment. This is likely a flashback in the film, as the story centers on the journey Horn's character Oskar goes on to cope with his father's death during 9/11, but it doesn't make the image any less tender. "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" opens in limited release Christmas Day.

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