'Final Destination 5' Is 'Saved By The Bell'

Final Destination 5Combine the gory antics of the "Final Destination" franchise with the '80s goofball sitcom "Saved By the Bell" and you get "Final Destination 5" star's Miles Fisher's latest video, starring the cast of the soon to be released film.

Set to his latest song "New Romance," the vid spoofs on the cheesy teen TV show in the bloodiest of ways — killing off the high school kids one by one. It's a fun way to get pumped for the deadly "Destination" film, which hits theaters on August 12. The new installment in the horror franchise follows a group of suspension bridge collapse survivors who fight for their lives a second time once Death realizes they got away.

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The "Sexiest Woman Alive" Gets Bloody for "Nurse 3D"

Esquire named "30 Rock's" Katrina Bowden the "Sexiest Woman Alive" this year, and now she'll be sharing some of that provocative appeal in Lionsgate's "Nurse 3D." The film's racy and red poster art recently titillated horror fans – featuring a naked Paz de la Huerta ("Boardwalk Empire") in a nurse's cap, dripping with blood. Naughty nurses takes on a whole new meaning in Douglas Aarniokoski's film, which will feature Bowden and De la Huerta as caregivers who lure unfaithful men to their death.

Horror Legend Alfred Hitchcock's Lost Film Uncovered

You can't call yourself a horror fan unless you've taken the time to savor the suspenseful talents of the legendary Alfred Hitchcock. Movies like "Psycho" and "The Birds" are horror film school 101 for any fright fan's education – and now a new movie by the maestro has been discovered. It's being described as a "wild, atmospheric" melodrama starring Betty Compson as twin sisters – one good and one evil. "The White Shadow" was unearthed by The National Film Preservation Foundation and the New Zealand Film Archive who found the first 30 minutes of the 1923 British film. It's considered to be the earliest feature that a 24-year-old Hitchcock worked on as editor, assistant director, writer, and production designer. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ Samuel Goldwyn Theater in California will show the film on September 22.

"Kill List" Trailer Delivers Dark and Disturbing Thrills

Ben Wheatley's dark UK thriller is part of the Midnight Madness genre lineup (the programming is amazing) for the Toronto International Film Festival this September, and the trailer for the film does not disappoint. Neil Maskell, Michael Smiley, and MyAnna Buring star in the hitman horror story about contract killers who delve into a frenzied, satanic nightmare world. For our friends across the pond, the movie makes its UK premiere at FrightFest on August 28.

"Paranormal Activity" Creator Nabs Director for New Fright Flick

Oren Peli of "Paranormal Activity" fame has found a director for his new, still untitled horror film. Brad Parker will be directing Peli's tale – which he wrote and will produce – about a group of friends who become stranded in a ghost town that has been overrun by nature and a deadly presence. Parker has commercial and FX credits to his name – working on films like "Fight Club" and the recent vamp remake "Let Me In" – but Peli was an unknown talent when he created a paranormal sensation with his 2007 film.

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