'Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' Trailer Promises The Feel-Bad Movie Of The Year

America, it's time to meet Lisbeth Salander.

Though you may have already seen an unofficially posted red-band trailer for the movie floating around the 'net over the past few days, Sony has finally released the official and long-awaited trailer for "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," director David Fincher's adaptation of the first book in the best-selling Millennium Trilogy written by the late Stieg Larsson. And boy… the wait was well worth it.

There's been a lot of talk about how "Dragon Tattoo" didn't need an American remake, given the wide adoration for the original Swedish cinematic interpretation of Larsson's acclaimed novels. But, really, can even the naysayers doubt the craftsmanship put into this trailer? The thumping music, the quickly cut glimpses at Sweden's palest and darkest corners bleeding into one another, the gunshots, the revelations, Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, all of it — who knows how the movie itself will turn out, but you can't say that this isn't a damn fine trailer.

Having read the book, though, I'm a bit surprised at how much the trailer was allowed to show. Several key sequences and revelations are either teased at or shown in all of their glory in this new "Dragon Tattoo" trailer, from Lisbeth's traumatic encounter with Nils Bjurman to a young Harriet Vanger shying away from the camera on the fateful day of her disappearance. There's more, too, and maybe these are things that only a reader of the books (or a fan of the Swedish films) will pick up on right away — but regardless of mild to moderate spoilage, it's a relief to see these scenes if only to know that Fincher and his team have gotten the look and feel for this ambitious thriller juuust right.

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