Bruce Boxleitner Lights Up About 'Tron 3'

TronThis Tuesday (April 5) sees the long-awaited release of “Tron: Legacy” on DVD and Blu-Ray, and with that comes the question on everyone’s mind: will there be a third “Tron” film? If you ask veteran actor Bruce Boxleitner who plays the titular character, it’s an enthusiastic yes.

“I think 'Tron: Legacy' left it open-ended,” Boxleitner said in an interview with MTV News. “You see two beautiful people riding off into the sunrise, and Quora seeing sunrise for the first time. That leaves it open to imagination and speculation."

"We also saw Cillian Murphy and the boardroom at ENCOM when Sam pulled the stunt in the beginning," he continued. "All these things have been left hanging out there.”

Boxleitner has played two characters in the “Tron” series, Alan Bradley and Tron… three if you count the brainwashed Rinzler from “Tron: Legacy” who is revealed to be Tron himself. Although he left it to someone else to suit up for the physical acrobatics shown on screen, it’s Boxleitner who voiced the character.

“Rinzler is the attack dog for Clu – and through the movie the character made a journey back to redemption,” the actor points out. “Rinzler’s last line, 'I fight for the users,' is Tron’s. Plus the design on his chest is Tron’s design. He went to the dark side with Clu, but at the end after he rebelled and you saw him following, you could see the familiar blue color of Tron return. I don’t think he’s dead at all.”

Although the “Tron” franchise is based around the digital world of the grid, Boxleitner has the most affinity for the character he plays in the real world – Alan Bradley.

“What I liked in 'Tron: Legacy' was that Alan was a man that survived those many years, even at one point becoming CEO of ENCOM – even if only in name,” Boxleitner revealed. “ At the opening of the second film these young guys have taken over the company and Alan’s become slightly embittered and cynical. With Sam coming into his own, it gives Alan hope. And then the page from a long lost friend – this ancient piece of technology, reconnecting to a long lost friend. I think those two things inspired hope in Alan Bradley after all those years of seeing ENCOM become something he and Flynn didn’t intend it to be. With Sam, and this tether back to Flynn, he found a way to do something about it.”

Boxleitner has been a part of virtually all iterations of “Tron,” from the two movies to the numerous video games and even the upcoming animated series. Although he’s played virtually all kinds of parts from space ship captain in “Babylon 5” to secret agent in “Scarecrow & Mrs. King”, it’s the characters in “Tron” that mean the most to him.

“I want to participate in as many things related to 'Tron' as they’ll let me,” the actor said. “'Tron' is part of my legacy.”

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