DAILIES: A 'Justice League' Movie And A Rebooted 'Batman' Coming To A Theater Near You

Justice LeagueConsider yourself warned: "Justice" could be headed to theaters near you in 2013.

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov dropped two major bombshells for DC Comics fans: a new reboot of Batman is in the works, and a "Justice League" movie should (finally) be hitting theaters in 2013. According to him, the new Batman flick would come after "The Dark Knight Rises" hits theaters, and the "Justice League" film is a way to fill the void left when "Harry Potter" ends this summer.

We've got plenty more news for you today, including who's going to play Robert Pattinson's wife in "Cosmopolis," what "I Am Number Four" star might join "Warm Bodies," and all the details about J.J. Abrams' new book project.

Sarah Gadon Gets Hitched To RPattz

Well, at least they'll be hitched on the big screen. Sarah Gadon, who recently worked with "Cosmopolis" director David Cronenberg on his flick "A Dangerous Method," has landed the coveted role of wife to Robert Pattinson's character Eric Packer.

Teresa Palmer Might Join "Warm Bodies"

Summit's upcoming zombie love story, "Warm Bodies," finally has its two love-struck leads. Nicholas Hoult was already signed to the film as zombie character R, and now "I Am Number Four" star Teresa Palmer has come on board as the daughter of a military leader who also ends up becoming R's love interest. Sounds like a perfect match to us!

"World War Z" Finds Some Life

Last we heard, "World War Z" was ready to join the ranks of the fully-dead, but according to Deadline there might be some life in the flick after all. There are apparently "hot and heavy" talks going on with as many as three financiers for the project, which means we might be getting a helpful film tutorial about how to survive the inevitable (if Hollywood has anything to say about it) zombie apocalypse some day soon.

Chose Your Destination: Candyland Or Madagascar (With Penguins)

The Candyland movie that has been long in gestation (at least since the board game adaptation frenzy hit a year or so ago) has finally tapped two writers in the form of "Kung Fu Panda's" Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger to pen what is anticipated to be a "live-action epic," The Hollywood Reporter has learned. On the other end of the animated spectrum, "Megamind" scribes Alan J. Schoolcraft and Brent Simons have been asked by DreamWorks (also according to THR) to work on a "Madagascar" spin-off following the franchise's penguins (who, yes, also have their own spin-off TV series on Nickelodeon).

J.J. Abrams To Conquer The Book Industry Next

The Wrap has learned that "Lost" creator J.J. Abrams has been meeting with publishers in New York recently to talk about an upcoming book project (that, as many Abrams projects are, is completely under wraps). He apparently will be working with another writer on the venture, but that doesn't fully refute our theory that he must have clones to be able to complete all the outstanding attachments he has to the film, television and now book industries.

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