'Last Tango In Paris' Actress Maria Schneider Dies At 58

Maria SchneiderThis week hasn't been an easy one on the movies community. Just days after we lost acclaimed composer John Barry comes word that another legend has died, French actress Maria Schneider.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Schneider passed away in Paris on Thursday following a lengthy illness. Further details aren't currently available. She was 58 when she died.

Schneider, the daughter of actor Daniel Gelin, enjoyed a film career that touched upon more than two dozen movies, most of which were in French. But it was Schneider's turn as a 19-year-old actress opposite "The Godfather" and "On The Waterfront" icon Marlon Brando in "Last Tango in Paris" that she's best remembered for.

The controversial 1972 film, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, centered on Paul, a middle-aged American man who is deeply in mourning over the suicide death of his wife. Paul travels to France and meets Jeanne, a young woman who is engaged to be married, when they both express interest in renting the same apartment. The encounter leads to a secretive sexual affair, one that has grave consequences for both individuals.

"Last Tango in Paris" caused quite the outcry in the United States when it first came out — let's just say it had something to do with butter and leave it at that — but the film nevetheless garnered several Oscar nominations, including nods for Brando and Bertolucci. Although the film provided her most famous role, Schneider acted opposite several other acting legends including Jack Nicholson in "The Passenger." May she rest in peace.

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