DEADWOOD SHOCKER: Star Ian McShane Says 'Never Count Anything Out' For Show's Return

It's been more than two years since "Deadwood" fans got the news they'd been dreading...the critically-acclaimed HBO Western was as dead as the decomposing bodies in Wu's pig pen. The two planned TV movies -- originally announced to wrap up loose ends -- would not be happening, and viewers sobbed in dismay as the show's elaborate sets were broken down. It seemed the history was written on one of the best shows of all time. Or was it?

In an interview with MTV News, star Ian McShane, who portrayed menacing bar owner Al Swearengen, reveals that "Deadwood" creator David Milch has been talking about a return to Sheriff Bullock's dusty town, which is in stark contrast to the dead-as-a-doornail comments we've heard in the past. "You never know," he told us. "Don't say no."

The Irish actor said he's spoken to Milch about a "Deadwood" resurgence but the creator has yet to approach HBO. "I've always have a sneaking thing in the back of my mind that that would be the best comeback ever," said McShane, who's soon to be seen onscreen as the iconic buccaneer Blackbeard in "The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides." "There's unfinished business. It was a great show."

Milch famously jumped from "Deadwood" to his second HBO series, the single-season "John From Cincinatti," and is now working with the network on "Luck," a horseracing drama starring Dustin Hoffman and co-produced by Michael Mann. As to what form a potential "Deadwood" comeback would take, McShane was tight-lipped. "I can't give it away," he said slyly. "So we'll see."

Would you want to see the return of "Deadwood," or is it better to let sleeping dogs lie? Chime in below.