M. Night Shyamalan Says 'One Thousand A.E.' Won't Be 3-D, But May Feature The Whole Smith Family!

M. Night Shyamalan's movies are always shrouded in the utmost secrecy, so getting him to divulge anything is near impossible. When MTV News caught up with Night on the National Board of Review Awards red carpet, we took a crack at it anyway, asking the director about his upcoming film "One Thousand A.E.," which has Jaden Smith set to star.

When we asked him if he'd be making "One Thousand A.E." his next film, Night replied, "It's starting to look like the Smith family and Shyamalan will be doing a movie together." The Smith family, you say? Of course, we had to ask if that meant that Will, Jada and Willow might also appear in the flick, to which Night laughed: "You never know. Their dog maybe... Any Smith that wants to work in my film can work in my film."

Hmm... Sounds like Night was joking, though he may have just been playing coy. After all, Will and Jada are also rumored to be producers on the film. It would certainly be easier to tell if we knew that there even roles appropriate for papa Will, mama Jada, sis Willow and dog Whatever. But, as we said before, Shyamalan is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to revealing anything about the plots of his films.

Speaking of which, what can Night tell us about "One Thousand A.E."? "It's a sci-fi movie. Did you know that?" he asked. Sadly, we did. "Oh, you did know that?" he laughed. "I thought that was my nugget I was giving you."

As a make-good, Shyamalan did reveal whether or not he plans to do the film in 3-D. "You know what, I'm thinking not," he said. "But I do have an idea for something kind of technically interesting. So I'll tell you first."

Would you be psyched if Will and Jada Smith joined their son Jaden in "One Thousand A.E."? Tell us in the comments!