'Robin Hood' Star Kevin Durand Has Heard Sequel 'Rumblings'

Robin HoodWith a worldwide box office take of $310.7 million to its name, director Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe's "Robin Hood" certainly drew its fair share of attention from moviegoers across the globe.

But has the legendary archer fired off his last arrow, or will he continue to take from the rich and give to the poor in future films? As the credits rolled at the end of "Robin Hood," a title card graciously informed the viewer that the legend has just begun — but does that mean a sequel is on the way?

In anticipation of the film's upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release next Tuesday (September 21), MTV News sat down with actor Kevin Durand, who stars in the film as Little John. When we put the question of a possible "Robin Hood" sequel to the actor, Durand said that he's heard "a little bit of talk here and there" about a second tale.

"I've heard rumblings, but nothing has been set in stone," Durand said of possible "Robin Hood" sequels. "But I know that for most of us, we would jump on it in a second. For me personally, it was the time of my career at this point. It was just absolutely me basking in all my glory, sitting there with four of my best friends in a Ridley Scott movie, galloping down a beach in Wales with a huge hammer. It was just f---ing fantastic. I would be there [for a sequel] in a second."

For Durand, his experience working with Scott is one of the main reasons he's hoping to return to Sherwood Forest for a "Robin Hood" sequel.

"If he said, 'Kevin, go jump off that cliff, you'll be alright,' I probably would have said, 'Well, if Ridley says it's okay,'" he laughed. "I think he's infectious. The man loves making movies, and it really trickles down, seeing your captain, your leader, being so excited about what he's doing."

But until a "Robin Hood" sequel is officially announced, fans will have to satisfy their thirst with the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release. Both editions are packed with extras, with Durand's favorite being the interactive Director's Notebook, a feature that takes viewers inside of Scott's moviemaking process.

"You basically get a master class in filmmaking — instead of just giving you audio commentary, Ridley Scott actually pops up on your screen," said Durand. "You've got to try that! It's so cool. You actually get to see him talk you through the entire process, and I think that's invaluable."

"Robin Hood" hits Blu-ray and DVD on September 21, 2010. Tell us what you would like to see from a "Robin Hood" sequel in the comments section and on Twitter!