'Predators' Producer Robert Rodriguez Addresses Missing Trailer Shot In Theatrical Release

Over the weekend, as fans flocked to see "Predators," a minor controversy cropped up on the web as moviegoers noticed a discrepancy between the film's drool-worthy trailer and its theatrical release. As the folks over at i09 put it, "The coolest, holy sh---iest, moment in the trailers was this one. Adrien Brody's know-it-all, ass-kicking merc Royce gets a full-body temporary tattoo, courtesy of a buttload of Predator gunsights."

But in that scene in the movie itself, Royce is tagged with just a single laser sight. So what happened? MTV News actually put this exact question to 'Predators' Robert Rodriguez a few weeks ago.

The answer is that he needed a shot that would "crystallize the idea" of the humans being stalked by the predators and so filmed a scene specifically for the trailer.

"You don't want people to always know," he told us. "A lot of my movies have trailer shots that I shoot just for the trailer, so that people haven't seen the movie already but they get the feeling of what it's supposed to represent."

And while the trailer shot is nowhere to be seen in the movie, Rodriguez pointed out that there is in fact a scene later in the film that does deliver multiple lasers.

"It's kind of a good twist to do that," he added. "If you go and you think that's what it's going to be, and then it's not that and it ends up happening in another place in the movie."