McG May Direct Bradley Cooper And Reese Witherspoon In Spy Comedy 'This Means War'

While Sony and Lionsgate fight a bidding war for the rights to the "Terminator" franchise, "Terminator Salvation" director McG is looking for his next movie in lieu of not going on to helm the series' fifth installment. Though he's still linked to the Broadway musical adaptation "Spring Awakening," according to Variety he has also been in talks to helm a "priority project" for Fox titled "This Means War."

The comedy already has two stars in place, Bradley Cooper and Reese Witherspoon. It is expected to begin shooting this spring, which would make it the director's next movie, rather than the musical. The screenplay for "This Means War" has reportedly been rewritten so many times that it's difficult to say who the author is anymore, but the most recent draft is by "Role Models" scribe Timothy Dowling (who interestingly enough acted in a "Terminator" movie -- the third one).

The plot sounds very "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," yet in "This Means War" the spies who turn on each other are best friends rather than husband and wife. It's that classic story of a woman coming between two guys and ruining their friendship. Or, can I please, please presume that Witherspoon is one of the friends, not the object of affection for two men?

That would be a bold twist that Fox likely wouldn't explore. Too "Being John Malkovich," not enough "There's Something About Mary" or "Feeling Minnesota" (all these films star Cameron Diaz, coincidentally). Of course, the Hollywood ending would probably cop out and suppress the lesbianism aspect by having Cooper and Witherspoon's spy buddies make up, make out and fall in love with each other. Probably because that dream woman (cast Diaz!) turns out to be a bad guy or something.

Whatever the case, if McG is on board, I'm still looking forward to this. I'm one of the few people not embarrassed to say I like both "Charlie's Angels" movies and really enjoyed the director's "Terminator" sequel and ideas for continuing the series. I could definitely see him doing something fun along the lines of the "Charlie's" movies combined with "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

I also urge all McG haters out there to watch the director in the FunnyOrDie video where he's directing Rachel Bilson in a sex scene for a fake film called "Hearts of Palm." Hilarious and disturbing.

Can you see McG's talents benefiting "This Means War" or would you prefer another director be hired? Would you rather the filmmaker do more action comedies or be allowed to continue the "Terminator" franchise?