Kurt Loder Reviews 'Daybreakers'

FROM MTV.COM: Things would be real different if vampires ruled the world. Coffee would come spiked with hemoglobin, not half-and-half. Tooth-whitener ads would feature fangs. And the most compelling public-service announcement would be an hourly sunrise advisory. Some things would suck in a new way, too. As one weary vampire puts it in "Daybreakers," the inventive new genre flick from Australia, "Life's a bitch, and then you don't die."

The movie presents us with a world in which vampires do rule. Humans have been so successfully blood-farmed by a vampire corporation called Bromley Marks that they're now an endangered species. Only small bands of them remain at large, armed with stake-shooting crossbows and hiding out in the sunny countryside, where they're hard for the undead authorities to catch. With the vampire food supply running low, and consumer unrest on the rise, the corporation's elegantly sinister CEO, Charles Bromley (Sam Neill), is driving his staff scientists to find a blood substitute. His chief researcher, Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke), is on the case; but Dalton sympathizes with the humans, and his real goal is to find a cure for vampirism — which is not what the profit-oriented Bromley has in mind. ("Besides," he asks, sipping from a glass of arterial claret, "what's to cure?")

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