Kevin Spacey Says 'The Social Network' Will Be 'A Lot Funnier' Than You Think

"Se7en." "Fight Club." "Zodiac." Good movies, all – some even great – yet not exactly laugh riots. Rightly or not, director David Fincher has a reputation for serving up dark fare – films that explore death, violence, fear, crime. But maybe Fincher's set on exploring fresh creative territory, stories and themes not present in his earlier work: first a love story in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and now, perhaps, a comedy in "The Social Network."

That's what Kevin Spacey, who's producing the film about the founding of Facebook, told MTV News' Josh Horowitz in a recent interview. "It's probably going to be a lot funnier than people might expect it to be," he said.

As Spacey told us this past summer, the film was fast-tracked with an aim toward shooting this year. Now the cast has been filled outJesse Eisenberg as Facebook top dog Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Timberlake as early partner Sean Parker – and Spacey confirmed that nothing has since gotten in the way of a start before the end of 2009.

"It’s remarkable," he said. "In these days and times to have put this together this year and it's shooting this year already."

Scripted by "West Wing" vet Aaron Sorkin, "Social Network" will reunite "Se7en" star Spacey with Fincher (though Spacey has indicated he won't appear on screen this time). "It's an interesting tale in the sense that it's about these guys that created together the biggest social network in the world that were pulled apart by it," he explained.

"And then one of them put the other’s head in a box," chimed in Dana Brunetti, another producer on the film.

Sure it'd make no sense, but why the heck not write "Se7en" killer John Doe into the story? Loose a little comedy, gain a bit of gruesome serial murder!

"I like that idea," laughed Spacey. "Hang on a second, let me call Fincher. 'You been drinking?' – that’s what I’ll get."