'Saw' Traps That Didn't Make Jigsaw's Final Cut

Rube Goldberg machines are awesome. There's nothing quite like watching an absurd, elaborate series of actions and reactions. It's tricky stuff, making sure disparate mechanical parts that weren't designed specifically to work together operate in concert. Can you imagine what it's like setting up one that could hurt you? Hell, what about one that's intentionally designed to kill somebody, like the ones deranged killer Jigsaw sets up in the "Saw" movies?

Imagine the hours upon hours it takes to set up those elaborate deathtraps. How many tetanus shots he must need after sticking himself with rusty power tools. How many vaccinations he must require from handling all those used syringes. Hell, how many times the poor bastard has stubbed his toe after dropping that damn puppet. He's bound to have set up some traps that plain don't work, schemes that looked great on paper but just didn't prove up to the challenge of potentially killing an FBI agent. So let's take a moment to reflect on what are undoubtedly Jigsaw's greatest failures, those wily death traps that just didn't cut the mustard.

Trap: Big room with everything covered in needles

Movie it would have been in: "Saw II"

Why Jigsaw abandoned it: The original plan (labeled "Totally rad!" in Jigsaw's private journal) was to have a traditional study (desk, book cases, the works) with needles covering every surface, forcing his intended victim to scrabble over them to get to a key hanging from the ceiling. Turned out that the needles were impossibly hard to get to stand up. Every time he got some set up, some others would fall down. Eventually, Jigsaw just said, "Screw this!" and threw all the needles into a pit. Which, as anyone who saw "Saw II" knows, turned out to be pretty effective.

Trap: Collar equipped with Rover from "The Prisoner"

Movie it would have been in: "Saw III"

Why Jigsaw abandoned it: Now, Jigsaw and his little protégé Amanda knew all along that they wanted to make some kind of snappy collar to put on a captive surgeon. The one problem was that they wanted it to do something crazy and original. After getting exceptionally stoned on Jigsaw's medicinal marijuana, they both agreed that making a collar that would cover the victim's head in "one of those crazy balls from 'The Prisoner'" would be both "brutal" and "sweet." The next morning, they realized that "The Prisoner" was fictional and went with a collar covered in shotgun ammo instead.

Trap: Many rakes.

Movie it would have been in: "Saw V"

Why Jigsaw abandoned it: The final test in "Saw V" was never really intended to be so literal. As opposed to five saw blade traps meant to drain just enough blood from the victims to fill a beaker allowing them to escape, Jigsaw's originally planned to make them run across the floor of an abandoned factory. The floor would be covered in many, many gardening rakes, leading any survivors to hit themselves in the face when they stepped on the teeth of the rakes. Jigsaw actually got the factory floor all set up before realizing he totally stole the idea from "The Simpsons".

Trap: Big clown glove that pokes you in the eye.

Movie it would have been in: "Saw II"

Why Jigsaw abandoned it: Jigsaw knew that he needed to both keep people in this one room but to also tempt them to leave. The first part of the plan, providing a key and a note saying not to use it, stayed in. What changed was the negative result of someone trying to use the key. Being something of a whimsical cat, Jigsaw was going to have a big clown glove poke you in the eye through the peephole of the escape door if you tried to use the key. This proved to be a hassle. First he couldn't get the clown glove to poke through the peephole hard enough to actually nail you in the eye. Then it was poking way too hard. Then Jigsaw stopped, realizing that, yet again, a gun would be way more effective.

Trap: The quadruple BB gun trap.

Movie it would have been in: "Saw"

Why Jigsaw abandoned it: This one actually worked like a charm. Jigsaw's hallway of BB-guns-attached-to-trip-wires worked from the very first try. Jigsaw was mighty proud of his handy work, before remembering the words of his overly cautious mother. As a boy, Jigsaw wanted nothing more than a BB gun for Christmas, but his mother insisted that, if he had one, "He'd shoot his eye out!" Cursing his thick-headedness, Jigsaw realized his BB gun hallway would ONLY shoot someone's eye out rather than shooting out their everything. He switched up to shotguns, a move that would eventually become something of a trend.