'Paranormal Activity' To Open Nationwide After 1,000,000 Demands Are Received

Now you've gone and done it, fanboys and fangirls. First you weren't happy with director Oren Peli's "Paranormal Activity" only opening in 13 locations, so you demanded more. The movie then opened wider but it still wasn't enough, so your demands grew louder and more numerous. Now, Paramount has a message to share:


What does this mean? "Paranormal Activity" is only a few breaths away from opening across the country. The veritè-style ghost story about a couple being taunted by a demonic spirit will open nationwide as soon as one million demands are reached on the movie's Eventful.com request page. The number currently rests at ~373,000 so there's still a ways to go.

I finally saw "Paranormal Activity" last week in New York City. It's the sort of movie that messes with you after the fact. There are a fair number of jump scares, but the winners are the standout moments that just linger. Even when the fairly horrendous crowd I caught the screening with sucked the suspense out of the room, I still found myself lying awake later that night with visions of demonic, chicken-footed specters and self-propelled Ouija boards in my head.

I hate to compare the movie to "The Blair Witch Project," but it really is an apt comparison. There's a similar sort of suspense-building, with fear growing more out of what's left to the imagination than in showing every raw, bloody detail. "Saw" this is not. It's a freaky good time though, and freshly original.

Remember kids: the more we ask for atypical Hollywood fare, the more we'll be rewarded. So get out and demand "Paranormal Activity," if only so we can see more like it in the future.

Have you seen "Paranormal Activity" yet? Do you plan to?

Thrilled by the growing fan demand and sold-out shows for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY across the country, Paramount is dedicated to YOU in bringing the film to its growing audience.

We are committed to releasing the film nationwide in every city, big or small, as soon as 1 MILLION demands are reached.

In addition, one lucky fan will be selected from the list of many demanding the film to receive a VIP screening of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY in their home town with the film’s director/writer/producer Oren Peli.

The 12 new markets where the film will open this weekend due to your demands so far at www.Eventful.com/ParanormalActivity are:

Boston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, El Paso, Hampton Roads metro area, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Toronto.

College students represented an overwhelmingly large percentage of the film’s online demands. In response, Paranormal Activity will open at the University of Massachusetts Amherst as a special thank you to the college audience.

For a list of theaters playing PARANORMAL ACTIVITY visit the official site at http://www.ParanormalMovie.com

Thank YOU for the continued support – your voice is being heard!

Every demand counts in releasing PARANORMAL ACTIVITY nationwide.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY not playing in your area?

DEMAND IT! Bring it to your city by reaching the 1 MILLION demands mark.