'Mad Men' Star Jon Hamm Takes A 'Sucker Punch' From Zack Snyder

Jon HammA direct relationship exists between the growing size of Zack Snyder's "Sucker Punch" cast and the mystery surrounding exactly what the hell we're going to see on the screen when it hits theaters in 2011. "Man Man" star Jon Hamm is the first confirmed male to join the all-female cast of the "Watchmen" director's next film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Of course, there are no details on what role Hamm will play. More of the same from the increasingly mysterious "Sucker Punch." We know his character's name though: High Roller. Probably not a god-given birth name. I wonder if he's supposed to be a gambler, or if "High Roller" is meant more as a metaphor. Maybe Hamm's character is constantly putting himself in danger, taking a high-stakes gamble with his life. Or something.

There are a few details on the story in "Sucker Punch." Emily Browning will star as a young woman who is committed to a mental asylum by her wicked stepdad, who makes plans to have her lobotomized. With no hope of outside rescue, the doomed woman and her crazyhouse pals slip into an alternate reality -- a brothel, apparently -- where they begin planning an escape. "Shawshank Redemption" this is not.

Hamm, who is currently in the midst of shooting season three of "Man Men," will head to Boston in September for his role in Ben Affleck's "The Town." He'll head out to Vancouver after that shoot wraps to join Snyder on the set of "Sucker Punch."

Snyder has plenty of pop culture cache after "Watchmen," though his controversial treatment of the source -- and liberal changes made to the ending in particular -- has probably left some fans in doubt. He's being smart about this next project, an original work that he wrote himself and will produce with his Cruel & Unusual Films partner (and wife) Deborah Snyder. Hamm is certainly a valuable addition to the cast; not only is he a talented performer, but the ever-growing "Mad Men" crowd will certainly boost the interest surrounding "Sucker Punch."

Were you excited for "Sucker Punch" before Hamm joined the cast? Are you more excited now? What the hell do you think is going on with this wacky tale of alternate reality brothels and nuthouse escape attempts?