Russell Brand is the Easter Bunny in 'I Hop'

CAPTIONOne could certainly describe Russell Brand as "furry" based purely on his hairstyle... but would you describe him as cuddly and magical? Does his voice inspire thoughts of springtime and Cadbury eggs? Universal and director Tim Hill ("Alvin and the Chipmunks") think so! Variety reports that Brand has signed on to be the voice of the Easter Bunny in "I Hop."

"I Hop" is the story of an unemployed layabout who hits the Easter Bunny with his car one evening. The Bunny isn't squashed like one of his chocolate counterparts might have been, but he does suffer a broken leg which renders him unable to fulfill his holiday duties. Our heroic slacker is thus pressed into action to save Easter.

More than just the fantastical story of a springtime holiday gone awry, "I Hop" is all about a pair of folks who don't want to grow up. Expect to see a combination of live action and CGI, similar to Hill's "Alvin and the Chipmunks." The movie goes into production this fall.

If you're thinking "I never thought the Easter Bunny was immature, let alone British," then you're right where producer Chris Meledandri wants you. His plans are to reshape the holiday with the power of Brand's distinctive voice.

"Russell showed me that he's got a wonderful ability not only to be funny in his own body, but he can create humor vocally, which is the distinction we need for these movies. This gives us an opportunity to remythologize the holiday around an Easter Bunny character that is as dynamic and irreverent as Russell is." While the quote rings of a boardroom-conceived idea -- "the Easter Bunny, but edgy! -- Brand is indeed a funny, funny man.

Do you see Russell Brand as the Easter Bunny? Or did the studio miss the obvious casting choice of putting Brand as the slacker?