Nicole Kidman Adopts A 'Little Bee'

Nicole KidmanRecently, Nicole Kidman has attracted a lot of criticism for her performances and several box office failures. Even her detractors can't deny however that she's willing to take risks, and that she has an eye for intriguing projects.

Kidman's latest is no exception. Variety reports that she will team up with the BBC to adapt Chris Cleave's novel, "Little Bee." Kidman will star and produce the film under her Blossom Films shingle, and Shawn Slovo ("A World Apart") will pen the screenplay.

The story focuses on a Nigerian orphan named Little Bee who encounters an affluent British couple after they wander outside the protected borders of their vacation resort. Cleave's novel received stellar reviews, but publishers and reviewers have attempted to keep the plot under a veil of secrecy.

The entire story seems to hinge on some terrifying event which "happens on the beach." The event transforms the lives of all involved, thrusting Little Bee into the United Kingdom where she copes with detention centers and quiet suburbia.

As Kidman looks for a director and sorts out the rest of the cast she's wrapping up on "Rabbit Hole," in which she stars alongside Aaron Eckhart as a once-happily married couple coping with the sudden and tragic death of their child. Directed by John Cameron Mitchell, "Hole" will be the first film released under her production company. With "Bee" now moving along, it clearly won't be the last either. Hopefully Kidman can win over her detractors and remind moviegoers just who it is that holds a Best Actress Oscar.

Readers, does this sound like the right role for Nicole Kidman? Are you a fan of the book? Who would be a good fit for the the director's role?