Tobey Maguire And Elizabeth Banks To Star In 'The Details'

Tobey MaguireTobey Maguire is really making up for lost time. He briefly dropped out of the spotlight after "Spider-Man 3," choosing to focus on family rather than film roles. He's making a return with "Brothers," due out later this year, and has subsequently lined up roles in "The Limit," "Good People" and possibly "Robotech." Of course, there's also that little movie called "Spider-Man 4" on the horizon. While Maguire waits for his enormous pre-production slate to come together, he'll be joining Elizabeth Banks in Jacob Estes' indie black comedy "The Details."

The plot revolves around a young married couple who are struggling with infidelity and a rocky relationship, as well as a pack of hungry raccoons that burrow into their backyard. The bickering couple can't agree on how best to get rid of them, and it creates a terrible chain reaction of events that culminates in someone getting murdered by bow and arrow.

According to Variety, Maguire has stepped in to replace James McAvoy, who was forced to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. Ray Liotta, Dennis Haysbert, Anna Friel and Laura Linney are also set to star.

Estes, who previously wrote and directed the 2004 drama "Mean Creek," finds a good fit for his starring role in the Spidey actor. "Maguire's character is an everyman in the sense that he is composed of a morally ambiguous core," the filmmaker said. "He has good intentions, but he makes a lot of self-destructive mistakes."

"The Details" begins shooting this August in Seattle. I suspect that the "Spider-Man 4" rumor mill will be in full swing by then, and dogging Maguire every minute of his raccoon-hunting day.

Readers, are you glad to see Maguire making such a big return? What do you think of "The Details"? Funny, or does it sound too deliberately quirky?