Zach Braff And Cameron Diaz Will Hit The Singles Scene In 'Swingles'

Cameron DiazZack Braff has absolute power in the land of the "Swingles." According to Variety, Braff will direct the romantic comedy, which will be his first feature since 2004's "Garden State." The project already boasts leading lady Cameron Diaz, but Braff isn't content with merely directing her. He will also be co-starring and rewriting the film.

"Swingles" centers on a bachelor who is dumped by his wingman. Having studied his "Top Gun," the bachelor knows that he can't fly solo, and he decides that his next pickup companion will be a wingwoman. Sounds like a plan, right? Not so fast. The new winglady is a "sharp-tongued" sort, and our bachelor can't stand her. Of course we all know where this is probably going: loathing turns into love and things wrap up with a little "happily ever after." Hey, that's how "Top Gun" ends things between Iceman and Maverick, too!

The story has already had two writers tackle it, as Duncan Birmingham wrote its original spec, and Jeff Roda took a crack at a draft. There's no start date for shooting, but given Braff's desire to give the script a makeover, the project will probably remain on the back burner for awhile. Still, this is an interesting addition to Diaz's plate. She's been signing onto a lot of comedies, like "Bobbi Sue)," which suggests she's definitely taking a break from heavy dramas like "My Sister's Keeper." Incidentally, "Swingles" is also the second project she's attached to that is being reworked for her male costar, as her romantic comedy "Wichita" is being overhauled in order to be a stronger vehicle for unconfirmed co-star Tom Cruise.

Readers, are you excited to see Zach Braff direct again? What do you think about him rewriting and costarring in the film? Do you think he and Diaz will make a good pair? Do you think Diaz needs to start demanding projects be rewritten for her?