EXCLUSIVE: Arnold Schwarzenegger Cameo In 'Terminator Salvation' Confirmed By Actor

Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'Terminator 3'It’s been hoped for, it’s been rumored, and it’s been avoided. Now, it’s confirmed: Arnold Schwarzenegger has a cameo in this summer’s “Terminator” sequel.

“Exactly,” his co-star Terry Crews told us recently when asked about the “Terminator Salvation” cameos of Arnold and the “Idiocracy” star. “There are a lot of guys in that movie. I mean, ‘Terminator 4’ is very big.”

The burly, affable Crews said he was excited to make a double-reunion with Arnold, as they’ll also be briefly joining forces in the Sylvester Stallone tough-guy flick “The Expendables.”

“I am not at liberty to discuss what kind of cameo it is [in ‘The Expendables’], but I know for a fact he wants to be down,” Crews explained. “Arnold and I did a movie together a long time ago called ‘The 6th Day.’ Arnold and I are cool; he’s the best.”

In addition to the “Expendables” cameo, Crews told us that Schwarzenegger will indeed be doing a cameo in “Terminator Salvation.” “That’s it,” he said. “And so am I.”

Various sources have speculated whether Arnold will have a line, or simply appear body-wise as a T-800 machine. Crews said that the May 21st film’s shoot was so secretive, he has no idea.

“I don’t know; I haven’t seen it. They only gave out pages of the script,” Crews remembered. “It was crazy. It was very, very secretive. Believe me - when you see it, that will be the first time I saw it.”

Are you excited to see Arnold back on the big screen? What would you like to see him do in his cameo?