EXCLUSIVE: Michael Caine Could Join Cast For Christopher Nolan's 'Inception'

Michael CaineCillian Murphy may not be the only "Batman Begins" cast member reuniting with director Christopher Nolan for his upcoming secrecy-shrouded movie "Inception." With Leonardo DiCaprio already locked for the lead role and Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard and Murphy also announced to star, Michael Caine could be the next big addition, with a final decision to be made as soon as later this week.

"I think there might be a part for me," Caine told MTV News. Caine appeared as Alfred Pennyworth in both "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight," as well as Nolan's Oscar-nominated film "The Prestige."

Asked if he thought he would cast in Nolan's latest movie, described by Warner Bros. only as "a contemporary sci-fi thriller set within the architecture of the mind," Caine gleamed with optimism.

"I could well be, yes," the Academy Award-winning actor stated. "I don’t think [Nolan]’s going to make a picture without me."

James Franco was also reportedly in talks to appear in the film, which is currently slated for a 2010 release, but parted ways due to scheduling conflicts with his Universal comedy "Your Highness."

Given Caine and Nolan's history together and Nolan's fondness for bringing back past collaborators, Caine's prediction is an easy sell. And verification should be on its way soon.

"I will know this week if I’m going to be in it," Cain said.

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