Will Rick Moranis Return To Hollywood For 'Ghostbusters III'?

Rick MoranisLast month, Harold Ramis told MTV that the old crew from "Ghostbusters" has been abuzz with plans to reunite for a long-awaited third movie. Sigourney Weaver said she would be ready to return, and Bill Murray suggested bringing on a new female Ghostbuster. Now, in addition to provoking hopes for the film, Ramis' words are sparking unexpected predictions that the original cast members from the first two movies will be on board -- including mostly-retired actor Rick Moranis.

"Everybody said they'd do it," Ramis told Entertainment Weekly, who listed Moranis alongside Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray as locks come back "They’ll be looking at younger actors [for the lead roles], I’m sure. But we’ll be in it as mentors or advisers."

Moranis cited single parenting responsibilities for his turn away from Hollywood. The Canadian actor wished to dedicate more time to his children following the loss of his wife to cancer more than a decade ago.

Having left his mark on "Saturday Night Live" with his SCTV-created character (and "Strange Brew" star) Bob McKenzie, Moranis appeared in the first two "Ghostbusters" installments as the nerdy would-be hero Louis Tully.

Bringing Moranis out of retirement would be a notable accomplishment for the project, saddling him with his first live-action role since the 90s. His return would surely be welcomed, though. No one in the history of the franchise has been able to handle a Proton Pack with quite the same calamitous finesse as Moranis.

Do you think Moranis is really ready to come back to film for "Ghostbusters III"? Is there anyone today who could even come close to playing Louis Tully in his place? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!