EXCLUSIVE: Rob Zombie's 'Halloween 2’ Will Ditch Classic Theme, Make Lead Characters Crazier Than Ever

Back when he was calling the shots on his remake of the classic 1978 slasher flick “Halloween,” director Rob Zombie made it perfectly clear his feelings on revisions, telling MTV News “horror movie remakes for the most part don’t work because they just imitate the original… if you’re going to follow the original then there’s no point because that movie already exists.” And while he included clear tributes to John Carpenter’s original shocker, expect Zombie’s next installment, “H2: Halloween 2,” to be all his own – starting right off at the very beginning with the classic theme music.

“We're going to do something completely different,” Zombie told MTV News. “We haven't gotten to that point yet so we could change our minds, but we want to do something totally different. The movie is very raw and very rough looking so the score has to [reflect that].”

So will Zombie embrace his heavy metal roots -- which were always tinged with nods to classic horror films -- for his take on “Halloween 2?” Don’t count on it.

“No, I wouldn't do anything like that,” said Zombie. “The score's going to be tricky. We're going to have to find a really sort of dissident ambient score. Unsettling rather than traditional score which seemed too grand and too musical so we have to find the right [tone].”

Zombie’s directorial vision for “Halloween 2” doesn’t stop with the musical ambience though. He’s also delivering an entirely new – and dare we say, almost realistic – take on story, which delves deep into the mental aftereffects of how the surviving victims in Haddonfield would really react to a psychotic murderer that looks like a walking nightmare.

“Really the movie is all about people who have kind of gone crazy, and they're all dealing with their with their insanity in different ways,” said Zombie. “Laurie was the withdrawn character, and now she's sort of the outgoing crazy character. Annie was more outgoing, now she's very much almost like agoraphobic, afraid to leave the house. Sheriff Brackett is a wreck, looks he's like one year from retiring so he can just go to the funny farm. Dr. Loomis is in complete denial about everything, and exploiting the situation and making as much money as possible while hating himself.”

That’s all well and good, but what about the film’s misguided antagonist, Michael Myers? How much will his character be revised in “Halloween 2?”

“Michael is crazier than ever,” assured Zombie.

Are you looking forward to a second helping of Rob Zombie's "Halloween" franchise?