Will Signourney Weaver Appear In The 'Ghostbusters' Sequel? She's Got Ideas

Sigourney WeaverShould we not want another "Ghostbusters" film? I'm conflicted, are you? Well, how you and I feel is becoming an increasingly moot question because the development of the sequel has certainly gathered steam in the last few months. First it was announced that a pair of "Office" writers were scripting the third adventure. Then Bill Murray spoke with us and others about how intrigued he was about coming back to the franchise at long last. Hell, Murray even had an idea...adding a female Ghostbuster to the fray.

This afternoon I got chance to chat with Dana Barrett herself and yes, Ms. Sigourney Weaver is well aware of the chatter. "I've heard about it," she said, adding "I’m supposed to get in touch with Bill [Murray] next week."

Weaver called Murray's potential involvement "great" and said she's wondering if he thinks Dana ended up with Venkman. "Does he think we got married or something?" she laughed. Weaver wasn't sure if there was a place for her in the story but she did think someone deserves a spot. "I would hope that my little Oscar would be one of the Ghostbusters even if I’m not in it!"

The son of Peter and Dana a Ghostbuster?!? What do you think? Should Dana return along with the original team in the third "Ghostbusters"?