EXCLUSIVE: 'Twilight' Stars Kristen Stewart & Nikki Reed To Reunite, Play Men In Prison Film 'K-11’

Nikki Reed and Kristen StewartToday, “Twilight” fans are finally coming out by the millions to see beautiful young actresses Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed star in the feature film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s beloved vampire book. Now, MTV has the scoop on the out-of-left-field concept that will reunite the real-life friends just a few weeks later…as men?

“I’m doing a movie called ‘K-11’ in January with Kristen Stewart,” Reed told us on the red carpet of the “Twilight” premiere Monday night. “It’s about a little-known section of the men’s county jail. I’m playing a man, and Kristen’s playing a boy.”

The term “K-11” refers to a dormitory section of the Los Angeles jail used to hold gay inmates, as explained in this 2004 L.A. Times story. According to a recent interview with Stewart, the film is a mixture of drama and comedy.

Although little else is known about the film, one of their co-stars will be Kevin Smith cult icon Jason Mewes, who recently confirmed his involvement with “K-11”in a radio interview and said that he’d dyed his hair black for the role. And although Reed didn’t have time to elaborate on how she and Stewart would be transforming themselves into testosterone-fueled prison inmates, the 20-year-old “Thirteen” star said she had confidence in the film’s director – who also happens to have an intimate connection with the lading lady of “Twilight.”

“Jules Stewart is directing; that’s her mother,” Reed explained of Kristen’s Australian-born mom, the veteran script supervisor behind such films as “Are We There Yet?” and “The Straight Story”. “I have full faith in Jules. I suppose I would be [nervous about the handling of our transformations] if it were coming from left field, but I’ve known about the script for a very long time.”

What do you think about Kristen and Nikki’s bold reunion project? Does the duo have what it takes to portray male prison inmates?


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