Plots For Direct-To-DVD Sequels To 'Grease,' 'Bad News Bears,' 'Naked Gun,' More Revealed

Dwayne JohnsonIn an exclusive interview with MTV News about made-for-home-entertainment sequels to hits such as "Mean Girls" and "Naked Gun," Paramount Famous exec Louis Feola talked with us about what sort of plots some of these sequels will have.

"Road Trip"

"Well, I am in preproduction right now, so I have a script that I am comfortable with, hired my director and set up my operation," Feola said. " 'Road Trip 2' will take place against the world of beer pong, which I think is a very topical subject for our TV audience."

"Naked Gun"

“ ‘Naked Gun’ is about corruption in the city," Feola said. "A new [younger] police squad is being formed to battle the corruption."

"Bad News Bears"

“ ‘Bad News Bears’ is set against the world of soccer," he said.


No story details are available just yet, but Feola promised it'll be a musical where the songs function as an integral part of the plot.

"It's a little tricky," he said. "I have a background in animation and I have done a lot of stories in animation where the songs drive the plot line. That's a really tricky writing assignment, so ideally you would have a script writer who is also a songwriter, because it's not just a song during the movie — it's a song that drives the plot line. That's the way we are envisioning it."

"Mean Girls" is too early in development for him to be able to offer up even a logline, Feola said.

As he reaffirmed in our chat, Paramount Famous aims to release five to six of these movies a year. So since they come from old company properties, is there any film he views as untouchable? Two, actually, Feola said.

" 'The Godfather' and 'Top Gun.' "

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