Clive Barker Applauds 'Hellraiser' Remake, Declares War On PG-13 Horror

'Hellraiser'Clive Barker’s twisted children Pinhead and the Candyman will be terrorizing audiences once again, and the “Hellraiser” and “Candyman” remakes have the horror icon excited. “I never get tired of revisiting [characters] if there is a good story to be told,” he explained.

A good story is crucial and Barker admits that with some of the later "Hellraiser" films, "there wasn’t a good story to be told, and the movies as a consequence suffered. The movies were made for the making. They were made for the profits, and movies need to be made with passion. Like love.”

Not only does a memorable horror movie need a good script, but it needs heart-stopping scares, argues the filmmaker. You can’t hold anything back and that's why Barker is opposed to PG-13 horror. He said if he has his way, the new “Hellraiser” and “Candyman” flicks won't follow the same trend as PG-13 remakes such as “The Eye” and “Prom Night.”

“It’s one of the most disgusting developments in the last few years,” Barker said of toned-down horror. “The whole notion of a PG-13 horror movie to me is a contradiction in terms. It’s like having a XXX Disney picture. It doesn’t work.”

To some people, a hard "R" means gore for the sake of gore, but Barker disagrees. “To me, you don’t have to throw blood around in every scene, but there has to be a sense — and this is not my quote, it’s Wes Craven’s quote. Wes says that ‘When you go into a horror movie, you need to feel that you’re in the hands of a madman.’ Now what madman makes a PG-13 picture, right? Your horror-movie madman...doesn’t neaten up all the edges and make it all nice for mommy.”

"I realize why the studios do this," he added. "They do it because they want to bring in younger audiences and make more money. But they don’t make better movies.”

We agree, but do you? Should the boycotting of PG-13 horror begin henceforth? Share your thoughts below.