Beyonce Gets 'Obsessed' For Next Film Role

Beyonce KnowlesThe movie stars Beyonce Knowles (hot) and Ali Larter (also hot), so what should the makers of "Obsessed" put on their posters when the film gets released next year?

"A great movie," said star Idris Elba, adding with a smile. "Even if it has the ugliest cast you’ve ever seen in your life!"

Ok, so he’s kidding about the stars being ugly (duh), but Beyonce and Larter do both get their hands pretty dirty pretty quick, Elba revealed, in a plot that purposively recalls "Fatal Attraction." Without the rabbit stew, unfortunately, but "Fatal Attraction" nonetheless.

"Beyonce and I are a married couple and a temp that works at my office ends up falling in love with me and it all goes crazy," Elba said of the fim’s set-up, which pits the two ladies against each other in chilling love triangle. "It’s a thriller."

But while the plot may sound familiar, the Beyonce you’ll see will be anything but, Elba insisted. Indeed, "Obsessed" is really the actress’s first role that doesn’t include singing ("Dreamgirls" and "Cadillac Records") or, well, being an idiot. ("Austin Powers.")

So how does the once and future chanteuse hold up?

"That's the question a lot of people are asking me. Can she pull it off," Elba recalled. "And she can. She's really good."

Looking forward to seeing Beyonce in "Obsessed"? Think she has the chops to pull it off? Sound off below.