Darren Lynn Bousman Wants To Send 'Leprechaun' Back To The Old West

Darren Lynn BousmanHe’s one of the most successful horror directors of all-time. But where does guy who brought us three “Saw” films and the upcoming “Repo! The Genetic Opera” go to find his dream project?

Would you believe at the end of a rainbow?

Believe it, Darren Lynn Bousman insisted, telling MTV News that the project he most wants to do next is “Leprechaun.” No, seriously.

“I would do ‘Leprechaun’ in a second,” the amiable Bousman laughed. “If Lionsgate is listening, give me ‘Leprechaun.’”

Ah, “Leprechaun,” the 1993 movie that not only introduced us to a pre-“Friends” Jennifer Aniston, but also made sure Warwick Davis had steady work for the next decade. All clearly good things. “Leprechaun,” believe it or not, is actually filled with good things, Bousman said. But why in the world would he want to do one?

“It's just one of those fun popcorn movies. I would love to bring back the fun popcorn movie - extreme violence, extreme absurdity - but make it fun,” Bousman said of his hypothetical take. [My version] wouldn’t be horror.”

In all, there have been six versions of ‘Leprechaun,’ the original and five sequels, the last three taking the titular Irish monster to “da hood,” “into space,” and, no joke, “back to da hood.” (Actual awesome tagline: “Evil has a whole new rap!”) So where would Bousman like to take the series next? Lucky for us, he’s already got an idea.

“Back to the old west,” Bousman said. “You send him in a time machine and transport him to the old west. There are gold rushes. There are gunfights. It’s awesome! I have the whole thing already worked out!"

Somebody get Warwick Davis on the phone and make this happen.

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