Fans Of Cult Flick 'Troll 2' Invading Tiny Utah Town

Load up the Winnebago with baloney sandwiches and say goodbye to your good-for-nothing beau — it's time for a trip to Nilbog, the goblin kingdom!

A little lost? Then you obviously haven't seen the 1990 disasterpiece "Troll 2" — a low-budget horror flick that not only is not a sequel to 1986's "Troll," but has no Trolls whatsoever in it. The plot revolves around a young boy who — with the help of his dead grandpa's ax-wielding, time-stopping, arsonist ghost — must save his family from a small town's creepy inhabitants and their plot to turn the boy and his kin into delicious goblin food.

If that sounds like the perfect recipe for a so-bad-it's-great movie, that's because it is, and in recent years "Troll 2" has risen to the top of cult-film aficionados' must-see lists. Now, hot on the heels of a multi-city tour of sold-out screenings comes Nilbog Invasion, a three-day celebration of the unforgettable flick, held in the very town where it was filmed: tiny Morgan, Utah.

It was during the screening tour that the idea for Nilbog Invasion was born, explained Zack Carlson of Austin, Texas' Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, which helped organize the event. "By the time Michael Stephenson and George Hardy, two of the actors in the movie, got around to a few major cities, they realized there were way more people obsessed with this awful thing than they'd anticipated," he said.

"And the Alamo Drafthouse does an annual tour where we show movies in the cities where they were filmed. Normally they are classics — like, we showed 'Bullitt' in San Francisco ... but never had we done anything as obsessively followed as 'Troll 2.' ... This is easily the most ridiculous and ill-advised Rolling Roadshow screening that we've ever done."

Nilbog Invasion runs from June 27-29 and will feature a host of "Troll 2"-related screenings, including a sneak peek at the upcoming documentary "Best Worst Movie," directed by Stephenson. And although some of the movie's key shooting locations are no longer there, the movie's cast and creators will be. (One can only hope the Q&A sessions will finally yield an answer to the burning question of why goblins use softballs and cake-decorating gel to deliver their death threats.)

A variety of other "Troll 2"-related events are also planned, including a javelin toss, a popcorn-eating contest and a "Guitar Hero II" challenge (Nilbog High School is a venue in the popular game). Check out for a complete rundown, and check back in with the MTV Movies Blog after the Invasion for a full report!