EXCLUSIVE: Adam Beach To Star In Live Action Turok Movie

Adam BeachIn recent years we've seen Iron Man, Hulk, and Batman all revamped and re-imagined for the big screen, with Thor, Captain America, and even Ant-Man, Deadpool, and Nick Fury not far behind. Is there a comic character, no matter how obscure, that hasn’t been tapped yet for a feature length transition?

Maybe the most important one of all, grinned "Flags of our Fathers" star Adam Beach, revealing exclusively to MTV News his plans to star in a live-action “Turok” movie.

“We just finished the animated movie and now we’re going into the feature film movie [which should lens] hopefully in a couple years. We’re about to set up meetings to develop a script and put it out there,” Beach enthused. “I’ll have to beef up, and be a good guy, and save the world!”

Turok, of course, has his origins in comic books but is no doubt much more widely known today as the star of several popular video games. Although many claim that the franchise has recently “nuked the fridge,” 1997’s “Turok: Dinosaur Hunter” is often credited as being one of the earliest blockbuster first person shooters for the N64, helping to usher in a whole new era in gaming.

For Beach, however, what’s important about the character isn’t so much his recent (somewhat varied) history, but his status as one of the only high-profile Native American supers.

Beach, who is of Saulteaux decent, calls the opportunity to play a Native America superhero “a dream.”

“He’s the first Native American superhero that I ever looked up to,” he said. “He basically [comes from] a family where they’re protecting our universe from an alternate universe that wants to take it over. He uses his wits, and his might, and his special bow and arrow to take over the world.”

Excited about a live action “Turok” movie? Think Adam Beach is the man to do it? For longtime fans of the character, any particular storyline you think he should embrace or pratfalls he should avoid? Sound off below.