Nick Stahl Says Hasta La Vista To 'Terminator,' Christian Bale And 'Chronicles'

Nick StahlHe may not have been the original John Connor, but up until recently Nick Stahl was the most recent version of mankind's only hope. Now, Christian Bale is the newest "Terminator" star, Thomas Dekker is the kid brooding all over "The Sarah Connor Chronicles," and the "T3” actor has a message for the fans wondering why he...ahem...won't be back.

"I don't care really, to be honest," admitted the 28-year-old actor, at Sundance recently to promote "Sleepwalking" and "Quid Pro Quo," two upcoming indies with decidedly smaller budgets than "Rise of the Machines." "I don't have much interest."

In regards to the soon-to-shoot "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins," Stahl said he had been told some time ago that his considerable talents would not be required for the fourth movie, although he is scratching his head over rumors that Bale will be 30-years-old in the flick.

"They said it would be a 50-year-old man, but I guess they reduced the age a little bit," Stahl said of how the franchise producers had explained the plot to him. "That's what they told me very early on [in development of the 'Salvation' script]. That it was gonna take place further in the future, and I probably wouldn't be on."

Discussing the man who will step into Stahl's role, much as he once did for the legendary Eddie Furlong, the actor said: "I like [Bale] a lot...he's a little older, and they wanted someone a little older, and also he's got a name. He's a big guy now. So, God bless."

"I love the franchise, and I love the movies," he continued, "so I'll probably be seeing the fourth one."

Stahl feels quite differently, however, when it comes to the newly-launched TV show on Fox. "That I won't be seeing," he said of "Chronicles," which focuses on the years leading up to Stahl's film. "I don't watch much TV; I'm not a big TV guy."

How do you feel about Stahl's "I don't care" stance? Who has been the best John Connor so far? Do you think Bale will be the best yet? Let us know.