EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: 'Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull'

"It's not the years," Indiana Jones tells Marion during a love scene in "Raiders of the Lost Ark. "It's the mileage."

Forget both. Approximately 27 years after he first exploded onto the big screen, Indy's wound up right where he started – or, rather, right where he first ended – in this exclusive photo from "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," which seems to show the world's most famous archeologist at the government warehouse from "Raiders," presumably to once again find the Ark (see Lucas compare "Crystal Skulls" to "Raiders" here).

'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'

And that, frankly, is baffling. Not from the perspective of overall narrative (cough) arc (cough) – it would be kind of cool, after all, for things to end where they began – but from a question of "how does it fit into the story of THIS movie?"

Within the continuity of the series, remember, God is real. He left artifacts. They work. Will the Ark be the only instrument capable of destroying whatever new threat arises (aliens, Soviets, skulls, etc)? Will something IN the Ark (The Ten Commandments, the Rod of Aaron, Manna from the Israelite trek) be of use to Indy in his quest? More likely, will Indy seek it out merely to protect it from falling into the hands of the villainess Cate Blanchett?

Choose wisely: even the folks at Harvard are still baffled as to what the true power of the crystal skulls are.

No time for love, Dr. Jones – but plenty of time for speculation. What do you make of Indy returning to the warehouse? Why does he need the Ark? What other secrets might he find within? Sound off below.

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